A dark gothic exterior with high flying moves and more. This is Jensens story!

Jensen is a mysterious, dark, gothic character who brings an atmospheric approach to the ring. Jensen Ryan is the King of Demons and is the master of manipulation often playing mind games with his opponents.

Jensen is based on the style of Criss Angel and bring his intriguing character mixed in with his diverse range of moves to the ring each and every time.

Jensen is is trained by The Quality Wrestling Academy in Havant. In addition to wrestling Jensen works as an actor on a range of award winning theatrical events and has worked an events manager and Radio presenter for stations including 103.9 Voice FM and 102.5 Skyline FM.

Jensen has been a huge fan of wrestling since his was a kid and regularly attended local wrestling shows by TWA and many more.

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Jensen isnt just a wrestler, he has worked as an actor on theatrical events and worked as a Radio Presenter! Book now!